Gratitude, Compliment and Congratulation

Saturday, April 7, 2012

  1. Gratitude
     Gratitude is an expression that we show or say to express grateful feeling to other people, or the way to said thank you to other people. When speaking English, you say “thanks” very often please say “thank you” when people give you something and give you compliment, etc.

Some ways to expressing your gratitude:
-         I’m grateful for …
-         Thank you for ….
-         Thanks a lot for …
-         I want to thank you for ….
-         I want to express my gratitude for …
-         I would like to express my sincere for ….
-         I’m really very grateful to you.
-         I want to express my gratitude to...
-         Thanks.
-         Thank you.
-         Thanks a lot.
-         Thank you very much.
-         Thank you very much indeed.
-         Thank you for your help.
-         Thank you for everything.
-         Thanks for the time.
-         Thank you for helping me.
-         Thank you for giving me a chance.
-         Thank you for the interview.
-         Thank you for your letter.
-         Thank you for the email.
-         Thank you for what you’ve given to me.
-         Thank you for loving me.
-         Thank you for your care.
-         I appreciate your help.
-         You’ve been very helpful.

Some ways to responding your gratitude :
-       You are welcome.
-       That’s alright/OK
-       I am glad I could help.
-       I am glad I could do it.
-       I am glad I could support you
-       Don't mention it.
-       My pleasure.
-       That's my pleasure.
-       It’s my pleasure to help you.
-       I’m happy to help you.
-       Glad to be of help.
-       It was nothing.
-       No problem
-       Any time
-       Not at all

The dialogue example of gratitude;
Sifa  : Hi, Icha, are you busy tonight?
Icha : No. Why?
Sifa : Well, I’m giving a farewell party for Alven. Can you come?
Icha : Yes, I’d love to. What time is it going to be?
Sifa : At seven o’clock tonight.
Icha : All right. I won’t miss it. Thank you.

· 2. Compliment
Compliment is expression to appreciate or praise other people.
Compliment is useful to give encouragement so that people will keep on doing their best and even improve their performance.
Time to express compliment :
-       On general occasion.
-       When someone has done his/her best.
-       When you visit someone’s house for the first time.
-       If you notice something new about the someone’s appearance.

Some ways to expressing your compliment:
-       What a wonderful performance!
-       Congratulation for your success!
-       Congratulation for your promotion!
-       I must express my admiration to you!
-       I really must express my admiration for your dance.
-       Great!
-       Good!
-       What a nice dress!
-       You look great!
-       Excellent!
-       Nice work!
-       Good Job!
-       That’s good!
-       That’s great!
-       That’s wonderful!
-       That’s beautiful!
-       That’s excellent!
-       That’s extraordinary!
-       That’s amazing!
-       That’s super!
-       Splendid!
-       Splendid! Just what we need!
-       Incredible!
-       Unbelievable!
-       That’s incredible!
-       That’s unbelievable!
-       Pretty good!

Some ways to responding your compliment:
-       Thank you.
-       Thank you very much.
-       Thanks a lot for your appreciation.
-       Thanks a lot for your compliment.
-       Thanks a lot for your nice welcome.
-       You are so kind to say that.
-       You’ve made my day.
-       You’ve give me great encouragement.
-       That’s so sweet.
-       I’m glad you say that.
-       I’m glad you accept it.
-       You’ve made my day!

 The dialogue example of compliment:

· 3. Congratulation
Congratulation is an expression that we use the give the congratulation utterance when he/she succeeds in doing something.
Some ways to expressing your congratulation:
-       Congratulations!
-       Congratulations on …
-       It was great to hear about …
-       Let me congratulate you about …
-       I’d be the first to congratulate you on …
-       I’d like to congratulate you on …
-       Please accept my warmest congratulations.
-       May I congratulate you on …
-       I must congratulate you about …
-       Congratulations on your success!
-       Happy Birthday!
-       Merry Christmas!
-       Happy Idul Fitri!
-       Happy New Year!
-       Happy Valentine!
-       Happy Anniversary!

Some ways to Replying your congratulations:
-       It’s very good of you to say so.
-       How nice of you to say so.
-       Thank you very much for saying so.
-       I’m glad you think so.
-       Oh, it’s nothing special actually.
-       Oh, I have a lot to learn yet.
-       Thank you.
-       Oh, not really.
-       Oh, thanks.
The dialogue example of congratulation:


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